May 28, 2011

All sorts

On a recent excursion to the Upcycle Exchange I acquired a bit of fabric. Some of the more interesting fabric was this bright yellow stuff, it really is bright though maybe not quite this bright. It's this nyloney stuff a bit like the outside of some rain coats. I used it to make three produce bags. I have cotton produce bags and they are great and all but a lot of stuff gets wiltey really fast in them. Most stuff I take out and put directly in the produce bins in the fridge for this reason. But what about loose leafy goodness? After a few days they'd be all wiltey, edible like not rotten or anything but without that crunch. Thus Nyloney bag. I got this baby arugula Wednesday at my favorite Farmer's Market and it is still happy.
Thus I added some to my "Mr. Gnome isn't home and I don't have any good left-overs quikcy meal".
All to energize me in my attempt to make some cashola for the family.....or for yarn at Sock Summit.....

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