May 26, 2011

The Madness Round 6-Out

Round 6's pattern came out right before we left for a few days. I knit before we left, I knit in the car this got me to the heel turn. After that there wasn't much time for knitting. While I'd love to tell you that this is why I didn't make it to the final four I totally can't. The winner for our team finished her socks in about 14 hours. There is no way I could have finished these socks, or any socks I think, in that amount of time. So Yay her, truly and I'm serious, she even finished before the fastest team. And yay me for getting this far if I may yay myself. And I may. I've been knitting these socks now at a normal human and less maddening pace. This is the first one, pretty cool and fun design.
So much is going on.....I need to blog more...I miss it.

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