May 3, 2011


Remember when I used to talk a bunch about food? Yeay. Don't know what happened there. Ok I do. I'll be making something and think, "Gosh I should really take a picture of this it's going to look so nice". Then I finish it, plate it and eat it. At this point I imagine you don't want a picture of it. Sigh.... Yesterday, however, I was Thinking. Shocking!
Last night I made Chickpea Cutlets from Veganomicon stuck them on a bed of local lettuce along with local carrots and scallions and some less than local roasted peppers. Then topped the whole thing with a bunch of Green Goddess Dressing from Appetite for Reduction. I am addicted to this dressing. I don't use the miso because I just don't like miso so I never have it. Sometimes I'll use less water so it can be an awesome sandwich spread. Paired with her low-fat Hummus (which is AWESOME) on a sandwich with lettuce and possibly more roasted peppers. oh so good. And Oh do I need a mint after.
My chives are in nicely and have been contributing the massive amounts of Green Goddess dressing I've been consuming. I've bought extra parsley plants so when they come in more I'll be set! And later when I also have my own garlic there will be no stopping me!

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