May 5, 2011

Outside the Workbasket

SouleMama posted "What's in Your work basket?" And I thought; yes I can blog that. Then I thought; wait that's just the socks again.... Though really I hope you aren't burnt out on Socks because I have officially proclaimed this the year of the socks. For you see I am going to Sock Summit! Woot! So back to the workbasket. I didn't get around to taking another picture of the socks; heart broken I'm sure. Instead today I played in the garden! Planted lots of pretties. So nice and soothing.
And more pretties into pots.
And now yummy Peanut Butter Cookies. This is the second recipe in Cookie A.'s April installment of the sock club. See I still brought it back to socks.

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R said...

Very nice! I need to work on getting motivated.