May 13, 2011

The Optional Madness-Still Mad

Mad I say!
Diamonds in the Fluff. These have been done for a few days but then there was life and then Blogger has been having issues. The fit is great and they look super cool. And for the first time in Sock Madness I got to use a size 1 needle. Everything else has been on 0s. Thrilling!
The last round, which is really the current round for many are still knitting away is proving to be quite a challenge for all. In a good learning way and all but still taking it's time. I'm getting worried that the next pattern will come out when we are visiting with the in-laws and there isn't good knitting time. Ah well; as Mr. Gnome pointed out I've "had a good run".

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jcg said...

Great socks. You will find a way.