May 10, 2011

The Madness Round 5

I actually finished these Sunday but had to redo the toe for it to fit Mr. Gnome. That was accomplished yesterday. Before the ripping.

The quick I need to get a decent picture and post so I can place picture. This may have also involved me throwing each sock across the room to Mr. Gnome as I finished weaving in the ends.

The fixed toes. Really this was just ripping out about 7 rounds then grafting it all together again. It's still a bit baggy at the ancles but I'm not sure what I can do about that at this point. The boy has narrow ankles. (grumble grumble) This was a long knit for everyone. A 80 stitch provisional cast on, 78 rounds, a funky afterthought heel that involved putting stitches on hold and provisionally casting on more stitches then 120 round of leg. My first time doing illusion knitting and it's a long of chart reading. Wow.
The yellow yarn is from the April 2010 Citrus DAL. The gray on the foot is Knit Picks Pallette left over from these socks. And the Black and gray yarn on the leg is left over from Mr. Gnome's Giver Socks. Lots of using of left yarn woo! I am proud to say I have only used stash yarns for this madness keeping in with my diet. I'm also crazy proud to have made it this far. I seriously didn't think I could even get in. And here I am going into round 6. Round 6 being when each team goes down to 1. Am I nervous. Heck yeah!
And now because I can't usually see illusion knitting but this shot came out so well hopefully you can see the little sock. Each sock has eight little socks. Thus the question: If each sock has eight socks how many socks are on one foot?

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