May 16, 2011


Yes it's that time of year again. This post could really just be last year's all over again. Made 8 jars of jam. This time without any sugar. Wooot.Beautiful stuff. All eight sealed very impressed since this is the third year for some of these lids.
And again I made the Strawberry-Rose Water Cobbler with Lemon-Poppy Seed Pastry. This was so good last year I couldn't wait to make it again this year. It smells amazing and tastes even better. It's like having a field a strawberries and roses in your mouth! Ok that's sounds a little odd but trust me it's divine!
There is about four pounds of strawberries in the dehydrator. I have four more trays than last year; more trays more food. Two more pounds in the freezer awaiting peach season and the making of Strawberry Peach Jam; the Bug's favorite. There is quite a bit of snacking going on and more will go into the freezer for later smoothies.


knitxcore. said...

strawberry-rosewater cobbler? how fancy!

jcg said...

yummm. Why aren't I visiting you this week?