May 21, 2011

Here Come the Geese

Nothing interesting has been happening. Sooooo quiet. Quiet before the storm? Hard to say. Earlier this month, on my birthday actually, we got new windows put into the basement. So thrilling. Naturally this meant I had to make new curtains. We had blinds before and neither of us are big blinds fans. I'd had this idea for these curtains for some time. The blue in the top part is from our excursion to the St Louis Teacher's Recycle Center. I've recently visited another such place,though this is specifically for crafting goodness, with a friend and had just as much fun there. More on that later. That the yellow and stripes have come from other places in a hunt for just the right fabric. I often do that; get the idea and it is always too perfect in my head. Trying to find the perfect fabric can be frustrating and at times impossible. For this project I first started looking for stuff in the winter. You can't find pretty yellows and blues in winter. By spring yes but that put the entire project on hold for months. Annoying. Me and my big ideas.....Link

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Meghan said...

. . . flying in a V formation.