July 20, 2011

The garden?

Since there really hasn't been any crafting going on. Well there has...just in little bits and pieces and not amounting to much. Can I say how frustrating I find that. But on the plus side the garden is probably the best it has ever been.

First off there is the Grill Table made by Mr. Gnome. An old rusted almost fallen apart grill put back together with a wooden table top. This sits between where the grill and the seating area. It's great and works perfectly. Isn't he clever?
The bean pole is more covered than it ever has in years past. The thyme is overgrowing the bed.
We are getting lots of beans on those lovely vines.
A few tomatoes have escaped the squirrels grasp.
There may even be corn.
The peppers are looking lovely. Both Hot and
The garden is doing the best ever this year. The garlic is curing. There have been carrots and onions and there will be leeks and kale. There were raspberries and there would have been strawberries but I never guessed squirrels would eat green strawberries.

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