July 24, 2011

Is here....barely

And I am crafting.....barely.
There are the socks for the 80's themed Sock Hop at Sock Summit. OH there will be pictures. This is the second one; got a bit better about controlling the tangle...just a bit.
And really do you think I could resist this fabric? Really.

I leave in three days. Oh I am so excited. Really I've been squeeeeing daily since I registered. Usually just in my head; Usually not in public....usually.
But now....now that I am getting closer I'm getting a bit nervous. Oh I'm still squeeing up and down all over the place. But....I have done very little on my own most of my life. Not in a co-dependent way but in a we got married to share our lives way. And...this is twice as long as I've ever been away from The Bug. Not that I'm at all concerned about how she'll do without me. She is so excited to spend time with just daddy and so happy for me.
Yes, this little kid is happy because she sees how excited I am.
No, they are not totally self absorbed.
It's probably the first or biggest evidence of the rewards of this hard work that is parenting our child like she is a person and not a pet who needs training. She is not scared I won't come back, she is not jealous or concerned in anyway about my excitement to leave or have fun without her. She has confidence in our relationship. I just want to say to new moms at large. Don't give up it does get better. You will see the fruit of your labor if you just stick with your gut.


Chrisknits said...

That really is a testament to your parenting. That she does not fear your return. Our oldest used to shoo us away whenever we were leaving her somewhere. Almost made us sad. The 2nd, she was a little clingy, but not much. Enjoy your getaway!

jcg said...

Squeeing too. Can't wait!
Lael is amazing. Can she teach some of that to Josh?
Feeling a little guilty since I just got back Friday night.
We'll have a great time.

Meghan said...

so happy for you! have a wonderful time!