August 19, 2011


At the very end of last year, the last day in fact, Mr. Gnome, The Bug and I went antiquing. This is not something we do as a family often or really at all. And even when the bug and I go wandering through the old things we don't generally venture too far. But this was a deliberate outing out into the wilderness that is Illinois. Previously the computer had been living on the dinning room table. Making me regularly nervous about spills and in general annoying me. I decided I wanted an older desk that closed to put it in. Something small just big enough for the lap top. I'd looked a wee bit myself but hadn't found the right thing. To my surprise Mr. Gnome liked the idea and wanted to go out looking with me. Saying something about wanting to have a say in the furnishing of our home. Can you imagine?
Amazingly we found this beauty in the first place we looked and we both really liked it. It wasn't too big, you'd be surprised at how large desks can be. It's a nice color. And I am always excited about drawers. Mr. Gnome drilled a hole in the back for the electric cord in goes the computer. Perfect.
Recently I acquired a bunch of funky buttons and have wanted to something funky with them. Something where they are sewn on something for some reason. I've never had a use for a table runner but why should a table runner have to be on a table? Thus the Bug and I made this. I found the fabric at the Upcycle Exchange, cut it out and hemmed the four sides.
We both took a side. This is a detail of my side. Listened to an audio book and had fun picking out and sewing on buttons.
This is The Bug's side.
Up close of The Bug's side.

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