August 21, 2011


One week ago The Bug and I went Peach picking! Finally....We've been so busy..ugh.

So here we go peaches. I don't think I got as many as I sometimes do but we've been getting them in smaller quantities at the farmer's market just to eat so maybe it all adds up.

I made Peach preserves, plain this year. Last year I made a spiced one. It was quite good but I thought I'd keep with the keeping it simple preserves I've been making. 5 and a half jars of summer peachey goodness.
I've tried out canning peach pie filling. Oh this stuff smells fantastic. I doubled this recipe thinking that would give me two jars but it gave me four. Not sure if it will be four pies or two rather full pies. Or just toppings for pancakes or ice cream. In the past I've frozen peaches to make into cobblers and while they are fine coming out of the oven they are always too runny the next day. So this year the only peaches I froze are for eating. There was also a batch of drying. Just the one this year last year's peaches tasted funny after six months.
I also made a peach cobbler for right now. Then to make it more exciting I made Ice Cream, Rose Water Ice Cream, Vegan Rose Water Ice Cream. I used a recipe from The Vegan Scoop. It tasted great. All rosey and not too sweet. I have an ice cream machine but I had forgotten that the bowl wasn't in the freezer. So that did happen. It wasn't a good consistency and I blame the lack of churning for that. Will have to make another flavour soon so I can test that theory. I have hopes for this cookbook. My other vegan ice cream cookbook uses a lot of coconut and maple syrup, things I don't really like the taste of. Also a lot of labour intensive grinding of cashews, which I do like the taste of but not so much the price.

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