August 24, 2011

Oh yeah the 80's

Somehow with all of the excitement I never really got to show you my '80's Sock Hops Socks. You can kind of see them in my '80's outfit, I had on orange tights under the socks. Fun bit of orange peeking out of the holes. Here they are in all their glory.
The pattern is Fun & Fancy from Think Outside the Sox. The green is Lobster Sox that I got in Vermont last year. It is dyed in a lobster pot. Cracks me up. The yellow is leftover from Sock Madness Round 5 socks.
It was a neat knit. Different and a bit tedious at times what with the tangling and all. But good practice for the wrapping needed in intarsia.

1 comment:

jcg said...

Great socks! Even better in "person".