August 4, 2011

Sock Summit-The Adventure

Oh gosh I know I'm STILL writing about Sock Summit. Though maybe I was just posting pictures before. It was really cool and I want to share. I also want to sleep for the rest of the week. What me crash after excitement and people? Crazy. This will Probably be the last Sock Summit post then on to our regularly unscheduled blogging.
First on the adventure was getting there. After a cancelled flight, then a late flight, this is where I slept Wednesday night because I missed my flight out of LAX. Why? Don't get me started just never ever change planes out of that airport. ugh.......

But then I was there. Wooo. I traded out all of my stitch markers. Most at the lunch time meet up some in the market and even a couple out on the street. They are all so fab and unique. Some come with stories some are just pretty. They are all awesome.
Because of the flying adventure from you know exactly where I missed one class. My other three were fantastic. Natural dying was inspiring and enabling. Fleece on Your Feet was even more inspiring and enabling and very educational. Then the final class, and my longest, was a color work class with Janel Laidman. Above is the mini sock we knit in class. Well I got to the heel turn in class. Great info on knitting and designing a color work sock.
And finally the lovely stash enhancement. A bit of yarny goodness, a pattern, a book, and some natural dye and mordant to play with. Also not pictured I got a Sock Summit pin and a I Sniff Yarn pin. I like pins.
OH all the pretties to knit and here I am with some commissioned work to do. Ah well, have to pay for the yarn somehow.

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