August 3, 2011

Sock Summit-Portland Food

Oh my the food. Everywhere you go there are signs proclaiming Vegetarian or Vegan food here. Portland made Vegan cheese in the farmer's market. Lovely, amazing.
Mom's Portobello Ballotine from Portobello. Gorgeous I got a taste and wow. I had an eggplant stuffed ravioli with chili oil and cilantro pesto, less photogenic but oh so good.
Mom's Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger from Off the Griddle. Tempeh Bacon, peanut sauce, cheeze sauce, with a nice rice burger and tart apples. What a crazy and amazing combination of flavors!
After dinner I had the Chocolate Torte at Portobello. Oh wow Most Creamy Vegan thing EVER.

This is the vegan donut I had at VooDoo Donuts. It is a cream filled donut. If you see something else that's on you.
I believe I may have gained a few pounds out there. So much real food, edible food, food where the preparer thought about what should go together and how it would taste best.

Next time I promise to flash my stash enhancements. It's not too bad......

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jcg said...

Wow, we ate well, didn't we?