September 26, 2011

Actually Weekending

Sometimes it does happen. Though maybe it's best that it doesn't happen to often this is a picture heavy post.
Saturday we went to the Strange Folk Festival. Love that every year. Always find great holiday gifts, the kid does some crafts and in general a grand time is had by all. This year The Bug also tried out hula hooping.
So did Mr. Gnome. You can see him modeling the bag I got for doing the yarn bombing. Now you are expecting a picture of my bomb. Yes, well, so was I, but it was lost in the transporting or some such. No bomb from me. Very sad.
Little Gnome coming out of a mushroom house.
Then Sunday I demonstrated knitting at an Alpaca Farm Day. This of course meant I got to meet some adorable alpaca. This is mom and baby.
I just love the face markings on this lovely lady.
This young alpaca thinks it's a dog. You see the big guard dogs checking out the puppy on the other side of the fence. Well the alpaca thought she should check out the puppy too. Then when the puppy ran along the fence the big dogs playfully ran with it. And so did the little alpaca. So funny!
Had to get a shot of the nursing alpaca!
There was a big surprise to start the day. Well little adorable surprise really. A new baby boy! Early and totally unexpected and found just before the farm was going to open for the day's festivities. I didn't get a picture before they put the blanket on him but he's all legs and neck. Cutest little guy. Mom and baby had a rough start with all the commotion and were closed off so they could have a better bonding experience. mmmm maybe humans should do that sometimes too.


Jen Miller said...

Looks like lots of fun! Totally agree with you about the bonding experience...we (or maternity care providers) could learn a lot from other mammals! The picture of the alpaca nursing is so cool!

Mariposa Farm Alpacas said...

Thank you so much for being a part of our Farm Day. The cria is doing well and nursing on his own. He's a maroon color which we're hoping will make some beautiful yarn some day. They've decided to name him Whit.