September 27, 2011


Almost a week and a half ago, because why would I want to blog in chronological order, baby alpacas will have that affect on you, we went apple picking.
Oh fabulous apples!
I also got some apple cider while we were there. Partial because Mr. Gnome and The Bug both likes the stuff, partially because I've been dying to make these donuts. Apple Cider Donuts. Oh so wonderful, appley, spicey, cakey, not at all too sweet. Really good. Thankfully the recipe only made 6.
Apple Butter was made. I love the swirling of the apples and sugar. Pay on attention to my dirty oven, just look at the lovely swirleys. I did a double batch again this year. Though this year I cooked it as two separate batches. I tried the double batch in one dish last year and it just never got mixed and baked enough. The smell of this stuff baking in the oven fills the house and lingers for days. Oh it was wonderful!
Mmmmm apple butter. There is also four jars of apple sauce in the freezer and some dehydrated. A bit of eating happened but no other baking. I do plan on getting some apples from the farmers market for a pie soon.

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bmkrepel said...

This post looks so tasty! If you ever make a recipe that happens to do more than 6 donuts, we could maybe come help Mr & Mrs Gnome with that problem :)