September 12, 2011

The Hundredth Shawl

No it really isn't. I was just asked if I had a hundred of these when I asked for help with the photo.
A very washed out photo. The bloody camera likes the setting that washes stuff out and automatically goes to it no matter what I do. Grrrrrr
This is kind of close to the color. It's beautiful. Really it is.....sigh. The yarn is Sanguine Griffin Bugga, Golden Orb Weaver is the name. It's one of those times when the name of the yarn decided me. Well really it was The Bug who was helping me decide. She ooohed when I told her the name. It's brighter and well looks like something. I'd take another picture but this shawl has been done for weeks now waiting to be photographed. I really prefer shawl photos on people.....sigh....

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