September 13, 2011

The not-so-quiet quiet day

Yesterday was one of those wonderful quiet, busy, relaxing, productive and fun days at home.
We started it with pendulum painting.
Inspired by this place. The Bug's Orange bottle was nearly empty so I cut holes in the top and thread some yarn through the holes. Attached the yarn to the top of her climbing structure. Then we had fun. This could turn into a crazy fun and messy tether ball game. Or could be a fun (and again messy) alternative to a birthday pinata.
We then followed the day with reading, sock laundering, Salad making, and of course, some crafting.A new set of place mats for fall. The fabric for these is mostly upholstery samples we got at the Teacher's Recycle Store. The one fabric that isn't is the blue with greenish diamonds. This was a dress of sorts that I found at the Upcycle Exchange. The backs are black t-shirts leftover from this quilt.
Isn't that fabric in the corner funky! I can't imagine how it would work on any upholstery. It's bits of plastic that kind of look like straw.
We finished off the day with our first successful batch of homemade vegan ice cream; Chocolate Peanut Butter. Oh it was creamy and wonderful!

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