September 14, 2011

Long Time Coming In the Kitchen

After living in this house for four years I have finally replaced the ugly brown curtain in the kitchen. Fabric from the Upcycle Exchange. Gosh I love that place! The color really brightens it up the room and even on a gray day like today when the lights are out the light purple flowers seem to glow. Lovely!
And for the first time in my life I had okra. Really I'd never had the stuff before. I was raised by one of the anti-0kra persuasion. In her defense I think she'd only ever had the things stewed, or fried, or something tasteless like that. This is Okra Gumbo From Post Punk Kitchen. Really quite good and very filling and hardy. Naturally when having a southern dish I was obligated to make biscuits as well; thus the dirty rolling pin.

1 comment:

jcg said...

You're right, all I ever had was stewed or fried. This looks good.
Love the new kitchen curtain too!