October 23, 2011

Harlot at the Church

The Yarn Harlot was in St. Louis yesterday! It was explained to the bookstore that we would overfill the library so they stuck us in a church.
We got there a weeee bit early. *ahem 2 1/4 hrs ahem*. This got us parking and front row seats. And lots of knitting time. Though it should be noted that knitting while sitting on a cold stone step may not be best for one's health.
The Yarn Harlot was very entertaining. Hilarious really. I had a great time. Got my book signed. Then got coffee. Upon walking back from coffee I was told I'd lost my knitting needle and realized that I had a giant hole in the front of my shirt which may or may not have been there all day. Nice. Classy. I did get my needle back. And I do have the Yarn Harlot's newest book signed by her. So not all is lost.

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Meghan said...

why is the yarn harlot not wearing anything knitted?