October 27, 2011

In Season

You know how I'm a sucker for a good Knit along. This isn't just a good knit along it's a Mad Knit along. A small and crazy group of us in the Sock Madness group have taken on the Fronkensteek sock. There are five of us and five main pieces of the sock. We each will get someone elses pieces and knit our own lower tube for best foot fitting.
Here are my pieces a week or so ago, cuff, upper tube and most of the ace bandage.
Here is where I stand now from left to right. The Cuff which is knit as one piece with that red in the middle being taken out later leaving making two cuffs. The Upper tube, or leg which is both legs knit all around. It will be steeked in two places making two pieces of knitting which will be sewn together. Then the ace bandage which fits around the ankle like, well, an ace bandage. That will also be steeked to make two. Then last and still on the needles is the toes and heels which will be steeked in many places to make two toes and two heels. Then the hole mess gets sewn together to make a sock. This is my first steeking; meaning to CUT THE KNITTING. I am somewhat comforted that I will be cutting someone elses knitting. Or at least I think that makes me feel better.
Scared yet?

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