November 20, 2011

pisqued in the rain

The thing about rainy weather is I tend to get more time and mojo to knit. Sitting all snug in the house loving and some wool. Nothing like it.
Unfortunately the other thing about rainy weather is that my pictures look like this. That white is actually real white and the blue is, well a better blue than that. But the knitting. Oooh color work. Oh these babies tested me. Concentrate concentrate. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out though.
As you can see the foot is a tad too long. Or a tad too pointy for my foot. But it looks cool.
Birdies and wavey and starts and whatever that thing is between the birds. Lovely lovely. And now I've have completed all of Sock Madness 5.
Is it March yet?


Chrisknits said...

Love them! But I must admit, I see nothing of blue in the photos. Is the sock blue and white?

R said...

Wow. The are amazing!