November 22, 2011

Our Library

Oh how I treasure our weekly walk to the library. It's constants, it's changes. Really a highlight to my week.
It's just over a mile and takes us about half an hour. We got a rolling backpack because caring all our books on my back was killing me! We take turns rolling it. It caries all our books, my knitting and the water bottle wonderfully.
We walk, she climbs and runs.
We both love the crunching sound of the leaves this time of year. Crunch crunch crunch
And really how can you not love a library that puts together a sci-fi display with this? You just know some geeks work there!
I've never tested how long she would stay. It's usually about an hour. I know she could stay longer but I don't know if our bag could hold that many books.
Then there is the weekly discussion over the safety of reading while walking down and across a busy street.

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Meghan said...

cracking up at that last picture and caption!