December 7, 2011

The Growth in a Sweater

I started Jaali back in April. Now why I would start a sweater then is beyond me. Oh I can say I'll just knit it over the summer, it's light weight yarn, and then I'll have a done sweater when I want one. Yeah right. The thing about being a product knitter is that one looks forward to using the product. If that is crazy unlikely it's just not going to get knit.
I finished the back and started the front before it got buried in the bottom of the knitting basket. The fun thing is, when I started I was using a cable needle for each cable. Now I don't even know where my cable needles are as I happily cable without a needle. This means cabling without having to look for the blasted thing even though I Just Used It on the last row. Freeing.
I have now finished the front adding it to the back as well as finished one sleeve. This above is the second sleeve. The kid was asleep, the husband was at work, I was happily knitting away listening to a book on CD. When I stopped to admire the cable. I do love cables. But then. There IT was. A miss Crossed Cable. The usual things went through my head. Could I just drop down? Oh that is really far. And I know it will get messy. Do I want to deal with that mess or.....? Will I notice it? Hold up to arm it's right in the middle of my forearm. It would stare me in the face every time I wore it. I had to. There was no getting around with it. I ripped....and ripped and ripped back to that wretched cable.
You see this is why you always need something else on the needle. I really wanted to put the sleeve in time out if only for the night. But....I only have a pair of short socks on the needles and I'm a bit sick of them. Lesson learned I'll be casting on today.

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Chrisknits said...

I hate ripping, but I hate having uncrossed cables. It's going to be lovely.