December 29, 2011

More Sewn Holiday

I have been toying with the idea of sewn gift bags for years. We ship all but our immediate gifts and I was afraid of it becoming something I'd feel obligated to do. I also didn't want others to feel obligated to ship them back before the next holiday.
Alternately I was a little afraid people wouldn't use them at all and who knows what would happen to them.
I rather like the idea that they'd get used and given to some unknown to me person then given on and on and thus this little bag could travel all over and be in many people's lives.
But really I know myself and if I did it one year I'd feel I had to do it the next and the next and the next and I just would stop enjoying it really fast. So fast that I just never did it.
And as far as our little family goes there has always been something about a little kid tearing up wrapping paper.
But this year; this year I asked The Bug what she thought about reusable bags that she would open year after year and she liked the idea. She really is a sucker for tradition and homemade. Kid after my own heart really.
So I made four bags for her and the family gifts. All scraps. The orange tall one in the back is from the upcycle exchange. I had also planned on maker her some pajamas and then use those to wrap a book or two. But well that didn't happen. But the bags did and now they are sitting in a pile waiting to be put away with the holiday decorations. Happy little bags.

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Chrisknits said...

What a great idea! I always try to save the paper gift bags and reuse them until they are destroyed. I like the idea for sewn ones to use here at home.