December 27, 2011

Socks and Snow

It snowed last night. Barely an inch and mostly gone now. But enough that the bug got to run around in it this morning. Oh her squeal of delight as she first ran out into the white; what joy.
I have two socks finished. And two more to make before it really matters. The one of the left is Hexagon, a sock I've been wanting to make for some time and the biggest reason why I bought Think Outside the Sox. Lots of little hexagons or as someone pointed out; like finishing a hat lots and lots of times. I finished this sock while visiting my mother thus leaving me without knitting. *gasp* I stole a skein My mother gave me a skein from her stash to keep off the twitching. It's good to have relations who understand. Thus the one on the right which is Boysenberry Yo from Cookie A's sock club back in April.
Now as you may recall I like to have socks finished by the end of the year so I can cast on for a new pair on New Year's Day. I have 1.5 socks to go before that can occur. And four days to do it.....

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