January 28, 2012

The pretties

Yesterday Mr. Gnome came home early. We watched a movie all three of us. Then relaxed, read a chapter of Harry Potter and had dinner before he went off to his second job.
I also finished clue 2 of the Kniterati. Really I wouldn't have done this pattern otherwise. I would have thought it would be too boring. All that garter. But with the mystery wrapped up in those short row wraps I'm really enjoying it.
There was also pie yesterday. Peach Pie. From the peach pie filling I made last summer. Quite good and peachy. I used three jars to fill the pie. Leaving me with 2.5 jars. I could probably get a pie with that. But I'm thinking of just putting some granola on some filling in a bowl and being done. Maybe some ice cream. Oh the extravagance of peaches in January!

1 comment:

Meghan said...

anxious to see what becomes of all that knitting. and that pie looks delish!