January 7, 2012

This first week of this year

This first week has been wonderful. And I rarely say anything is wonderful. Pessimist? Me? Yes, well, it's good to know yourself. With the last two weeks of December being non stop crazy go go go with all sorts of different flavors of crazy thrown in this week has been blissfully simple. This week Mr. Gnome was back at work giving The Bug and I space and time to be quiet. The Bug has spent so much time in her room listening to music and stories, looking at books and playing. This has given me space to do house stuff I wanted to do, needed to do, heck I mopped! I put down on paper a quilt design that has been rattling around in my head for years. At least it's on paper....baby steps. I cooked and baked and cleaned the kitchen after. It hasn't all gone perfectly apparently when a recipe says quick it takes me three days to make. But we've rolled with it.
I made two of the three recipes in the December Cookie Sock Club. The third one is quite special and will have to wait.
The first one was Chocolate and Peppermint Swirl Cookies. Swirl cookies never look as pretty when I make them. But boy were the tasty!
Then we made some Oatmeal Cookies. This recipe was brought to the group by Ann Hansen another knitting designer. You make the cookie dough, then split it up and add different add ins to each. Really why has no one thought of this before? I split the recipe in half and put chocolate chips in one half and dried apples in the other half.
A co-worker of Mr. Gnome's is leaving for better things so I stuck six in an ex-salsa jar and made it pretty as a good by gift. I'm putting more into a tin to give to a friend who helped me out last month too. Who doesn't like getting cookies?

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Chrisknits said...

I made so many cookies this past Christmas that I was begging people to eat them. Otherwise I was going to! Cute idea with the jar. Will have to remember that.