January 3, 2012

This year

I hope to sew more. Ok so I probably say that every year. Maybe if I say it enough it will happen. Or maybe it is more each year and eventually it will get to where I envision it.
I did finally make The Bug's pajamas that I've been thinking about since the fall. I found the fabric at the Upcycle exchange. Nearly three yards of pink with sheep! It had a good number of holes, like someone had dragged it around or something, perhaps that's why they sent it to the upcycle. Then Someone cut a big chunk off to staple together a dress for herself. ahem.... But despite these breaks in the fabric I was able to work around get her a top and bottom. All matchy matchy!
Initially I thought I'd do elastic in the head hole but I didn't feel like dealing so I just did box pleats at the shoulders. Puffy sleeves. What little girl doesn't want puffy sleeves?
My mother got rid of a bunch of her craft stuff by giving it to me. In all of that was some narrow pink ribbon. So I put a little bow on the front. Again what little girl doesn't want a little bow? It's all in the details you see.

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Meghan said...

love them! and have you seen all of the crafty goodness that is pouring into the upcycle exchange recently? need to check out their new place!