January 19, 2012

Two More

The Dragon Crystal socks are complete. Lovely lovely things despite all of the mistakes I made on them. For starts on one the ribbing doesn't line up; the one on the right in the picture. Then I missed how the foot should be done so mine isn't like it was designed. I do however love the bumps coming off the sock. So funky.
And finally the Wandering Around socks. Gosh these things have been going on for over a year! As you may or may not recall I knit them in the car; with Mr. Gnome driving. When he'd take a left I'd do a left cable, when he'd take a right I'd do a right cable. Quite fun and I do love random anythings!

1 comment:

Chrisknits said...

Love the random socks! I admit I cannot do random either. Even when trying to do a scrappy quilt. So I gave up on random. I am too OCD. But I can admire when someone else can do random.