February 16, 2012

Hand Pies

The other night I made hand pies. Not just dinner pies and not just dessert pies. Both. Why? Because I like a theme. And eating food with my hands.Strawberry Handpies with frozen strawberries from last spring. And Butternut Handpies with squash from this fall.
Both were so good. The Butternut Squash one came from here and was on the PPK's top 100 from 2011 (#57). The Strawberry Handpies are in Vegan Pie in the Sky. I forgot to make the Strawberry Peach Preserves this year. No idea how that happened it's one of the Bug's favorites. But it means we have a lot more frozen strawberries for munching on. Can I tell you how thrilled I was when I saw that this recipes calls for frozen strawberries!? Strawberries when fresh smell so amazing, even when they are still frozen. The recipe says to eat them in a sundress. I don't have a sundress. But I was wearing my apron while I made them; that counts right?

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