March 26, 2012

The Madness: Rnd 2

Technically Done. Technically as in I knit it....but due to gauge issues only the second one fits. This is Frick N Frack. Frick (the one on the ground) is knit toe up with and afterthought heel. Frack (the one I'm wearing) is knit cuff down again with the afterthought heel.
Now why doesn't Frick fit but Frack does? Well I can learn, slowly, but it does eventually sink in. Frick was fitting fine on the foot but as soon as those lovely cables and moss stitch got to my leg it just pulled it way to much for me to get on. Ah well. It being the madness I didn't want to rip back just finished the sock. Then with Frack I used bigger needles for the leg and went back down to the smaller ones on the foot. The plan is to rip Frick back to the heel and reknit the leg with the larger needles. Later....when my hands have stopped hurting.
The yarn. Oooh the yarn. No idea what it is. Total mystery stuff. Not really sure it's a natural anything. I got it as three balls from the Upcycle Exchange. That alone makes it cool.

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