March 27, 2012

Yard Work

Love that feeling of working in the yard. Making it all look a bit more cozy and intended back there. Seeing stuff coming back and looking good. Then when you are done that feeling of contentment and physical tired. The weather has been so nice it's been hard not to do too much, not to plant more. Have to remember; it's only March.
Raspberry bushes are looking really great. Weeded and mulched. Weeds, specifically the viney kind are a real problem where they.
The Bug helped. She enjoys chopping those pesky vines.
This front bed is the next on the list of to dos. The Rue is Huge and I want to move it to the back yard, where, in theory, it should deter the Japanese beetles and mosquitoes. We need all the help we can get with the latter. Then I can plant some flowering something where to Rue is now giving this lovely green bed some much needed color. The sage, as always, needs a good trim. I can't believe the Parsley over wintered. I generally can't get the stuff to last the summer!

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