March 12, 2012

Party like you are 7

Today was the Bug's Party. We had wonderful weather to accompany all of our wonderful friends.
There was lots of playing a fair amount of eating and of course cake. Cupcakes, heart shaped cupcakes actually. The Bug loves picking her theme for her birthday party, she talks about it for months leading up. This year the them was love. So naturally lots of hearts. See that great pink frosting? That is frozen strawberries thawed, cooked down, pureed, then a ton of confectioners sugar added. Best natural pink I've gotten yet. And it tastes like strawberries!
To go with her theme The Bug decorated a shirt with lots of heart faces. Happy, sad, laughing, scared and even sick hearts.
A few weeks ago she asked if I was going to make her something for her birthday. She said she always likes it when I make her a present. Now how can you argue with that? I had plans to make her this skirt so I figured this was a good time. I wrapped the graphic novels I'd bought her in the skirt, wrote her a birthday note and left it on her bed to find on the morning of her birthday. This also had the nice side affect of her not waking us up early with excitement.

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