March 13, 2012


I won the race! Just barely as you can see that wee little ball is all that was left when I finished. woooh.

The socks are Slide and were in the October shipment of the Cookie A Pattern Club last year. Funky patter with neat decreasing for the gusset. Mr. Gnome wore them the day I finished them. I've only just been able to tie him down long enough to take this picture. It's been a few weeks since we've really gotten to see much of him. The last two days he took off and that was a nice treat. I think we'll see him again in April.
And now the eighth short sock for summer use. Gray from this sock, gray from this sock, blue/green from this sock and purple from this sock. This is also my 200th project on Ravelry! Wow....Is that amazing or crazy?
Two more to get me how many I think I'll need for summer without having to wash socks too often. Then you ask? Oh then, then, I am excited to start this crazy project. The Bee Keeper's Quilt. Oh with all this cute little hexipuffs. And so many people have designed color work ones to fit all your geeky interests. Oh it'll be fun!

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