May 9, 2012

An Argument for Madness

Now you may think I neglect my family and the house during madness and let all sorts of things go. And ok maybe this is true during the actually round.  But that only lasts a few days then it's all about catch up.  Now we are in the last rounds of the Madness and I know the pattern will come out between 11a-3p CMT.  I've known this since yesterday.  This means yesterday I did a good bit of straightening and gardening.  Today I did laundry first thing and cleaned the kitchen.
I peeled and chopped the last local winter squash from the pantry, threw in some local carrots, half an onion and a few good handfuls of little tomatoes.  Then grabbed some thyme and sage from the garden.  This lovely bowl will be thrown onto a greased casserole dish along with some chickpeas and roasted for tonight's roasted veggie salad.
I would never have myself together this well without the madness.

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