May 7, 2012


Now this is going to be crazy, for many reasons.  First; we picked strawberries on the last day of April!  A good two weeks early.  Crazy weather!  Second; this here is the only other strawberry pictures I have.
You see I didn't make preserves.  The kid has been off preserves for months now and we still have four jars of strawberry left from last year.  I froze two pounds to make strawberry-peach preserves since I forgot last year and the kid keeps asking.  Froze another pound for those strawberry hand pies because Boy were they great!  Then dehydrated three or four pounds.  That's it.  No baking, bit sad about that but it just didn't happen.  I didn't freeze extra.  I have my reasons and it is a bit of a gamble.  But sometimes if you want something you have to through it out there for the fates to here. 
We have also been getting 2-4 strawberries a day from our own garden.  Those have been amazing!  So juicy and tangy.

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