May 27, 2012

The Madness-Rnd 7

First of all I still can't believe I made it to round 7.  The final round.  Really it just doesn't seem real or true.  But hey I did and it happened yesterday.  And boy did it kick my behind!
A clever knitter figured out before the pattern realease that it was twined knitting by the teaser photo and that we needed to have our yarn in a center pull ball.  I'd never done twined knitting and did some reading up on it.  Thankfully or it might have kicked me even harder!  The cuff; see the hearts?  That thing took me 6 hours!  Just the one cuff.  Twined knitting makes a nice dense but squishy fabric and is neat but man is it slow. I finished the one sock then went to bed.  Slept for 2 1/2 hours and was up and at it again. This is how much I'd finished when the Champion finished her socks.  She's really amazing. 
I will finish these socks.  But we both need a bit of a time out first.  And a nap...a nice long nap.


Leslie said...

A nap? Definitely well earned! The socks look wonderful!

jcg said...

Wow! Those are incredible socks. You did great.