May 28, 2012

Baah Baah

 So this is sad I never told you I was doing a KAL.  And here it is done.  I am blaming the later sunset for messing with my knits at sunset posts.  Yes that's what I'll say. 
Well, so, I was doing this KAL with Fickleknitter and Baah Yarns.  Got the yarn, a Fickle Knitter bag and mug.  Here's the bag and yarn.  This was a birthday present for myself.
I've been following Fickle Knitter's blog for some time, since her first patterns really.  A great lady and some great one skein shawls.
This is the Baah One Skein Shawl.  I actually finished knitting it the night before we left to see my parents.  Then I blocked it and it waited a while before a decentish photo shoot.
And another to give you a size idea.  This seems to be my favorite in general size for a shawl.  Hangs on the shoulders well or can be wrapped around the neck in the winter without chocking and still being able to see what it is.

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