June 8, 2012

Blueberries and Cherries and Peaches Oh MY!

 So what started out being a plan to get Blueberries with a friend turned into getting a crazy amount of fruit and me in the kitchen all day yesterday.  I'm really not complaining you know I love doing this.  And at the same time am thrilled that I won't be doing anything like this for months until apple season.
 We had two dozen muffins.  Almond Cherry and Spelt Blueberry Ginger.  Had quite a few have been eaten already.  
 A peach Pie with the letter P carved into the top.  This has naturally been topped with Vanilla Rice Cream when eaten. 
And just a few jars of preserves... yes well.  I think we're good then.   There are two 8 oz. jars of blueberry, one didn't seal so it's in the fridge instead of the picture, preserve time out.  Four 8oz. jars of Blueberry Cherry, really looking forward to trying that out.  Three 8oz (just realized one of these isn't sealed, grrr) and three 16oz jars of Peach Strawberry; I remembered this year!  And last 5 16oz jars of Peach preserves. 
I still have quite a few peaches that will be eaten I'm sure.  They've also made an appearance in a stir fry on the day they were picked.  And will perhaps do so again.   Oh and there are also about 20 peaches in the dehydrator. 
There may be Blueberry pancakes, they may all get eaten before that happen.  Really these are some amazing blueberries; great depth of flavor. 
And I have a plan for the last of the sour cherries that involves stuffing them inside of french toast with some cream cheese.  It may be great; it may not.  I think it will.

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Meghan said...

well, well, well, martha! wanna know what we have done? we devoured the blueberries and blackberries, we are eating the peaches, and i researched cherry muffin recipes.