June 5, 2012

Knits at Sunset

Or at least after the sun has gone behind the trees so I can get a semi decent picture.  But that makes for a long title.
Starting on the left in the red and black is the second Da' Treehouse sock, the Sock Madness Optional Round.  The Big blue blob in the back is Trousseau.  The purple socks you'll recognize as the Kniterati's June Mystery.  That little bit of pink is a hexipuff.  I joined the 30 in June thread to see if I can up the count for June.  That little guy will be number 6.  That that tanish thing is the second Roosling of the final round of Sock Madness.
So five if you count the purple socks as one and I do.  Three are socks....yes, well two are not.  So there.

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