June 16, 2012

Dinner- Or We Still Have Peaches

Last night's dinner.
I'd actually eaten half the burger and carrots before remembering I wanted a picture of all of these yummies.  Lucky for you I took a picture of this half. 
Peach (I think Mr. Gnome is getting concerned about the number of things I'm putting peaches on), lettuce (from the garden) and tomato on a Beet Burger.  These are leftover Beet Burgers.  The freeze well but then kind of fall apart upon reheating.  But they almost wanted to fall apart when they were first made.  They have been my first adventures into Beets.  The burgers are very earthy as the beets aren't cooked much.  Not in a bad way just in an earthy sort of way. 
The carrots are right from our garden picked moments before a light steaming and then eaten.  Best carrot year so far. 
And last roasted baby fingerling potatoes. 

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