June 17, 2012

The Newest Member of the Family

Well he is to me.
He arrived Thurday.  A new to me Double Treadle HitchHiker Spinning Wheel.  Isn't he cute?!  I'd ordered some getting to know you fiber that didn't arrive until yesterday.  I guess this was good as it made me practice treadling without trying to spin.
Yesterday I gave him a go with some fiber and oh what a mess!  I'm not the most coordinated person.  My hands wanted to keep spinning like I was using a drop spindle and my feet were confused that they had to do anything at all.  Much less everyone working together in a semblance or rhythm.  Then I slept on it.  Gosh a good dream about how things should be always makes things better.  Not wonderful by any means!  But not an over-spun, back-peddling, two left feet and two left hands sort of way.  Went a little under spun for a time.  And some even looked fairly decent. Keeping my footing even and consistent is by far my biggest challenge.
The Bug has day camp next week and I bet you can guess what I'll be doing while she's away!
I'd been thinking pretty hard about a wheel for some time.  But gosh are they pricey!  And the space!  And well you know.  I'd been watching the used groups on Ravelry and was scared by even a used price for most wheels.  I stumbled across the hitchhiker.  Totally by accident, and ok the name caught my eye as I loved the Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy books.  But he's small and doesn't take up much space and can go anywhere.  The orifice is nice and low, this was important to me as I'm short. He's made if Vermont, Mr. Gnome's home state.  And was developed by a guy who makes canoes and who's wife knit and spins.  And he's a good price!  Especially if you can find one used as my little guy is.