July 18, 2012


We spent the last week in Vermont visiting Mr. Gnome's family.  There was lots of water fun, hiking, grandparent time and virtually no Internet.  Aside from that brief trip to the ER; they do have WIFI at the ER so you can Facebook while you bleed out.  First infection I've ever known Mr. Gnome to get he has to get on vacation.  We drugged him up and dragged him back out into the fun.
Then the most random of moments.  We were in the North East Kingdom where cell phones die from searching for a tower.  But there is a tasty pizza place where we proved that Vermonters do put Maple Syrup on everything.  Yes it was on the pizza, along with apples, cheddar cheese and spinach.  Not bad but not your typical pizza at all.  We're leaving and this man had a turtle in a box he'd rescued from the street.  Naturally The Bug wanted to see the turtle.  And low what does it say on the side of this man's van?  The Merlin Tree.  As in The Merlin Tree who made the spinning wheel I just got last month!  In my shock I scared the poor man by asking if he was Dave.  He was and we had a nice conversation about the wheel and it's development and all sorts.  I'm such a sucker for a good origination story and this was one of the things that made me want this wheel.  I mean I knew The Merlin Tree was based there but what are the odds of him walking into the same pizza place at the same time we were walking out!? 
We are now back in the land of 100+ temps, Internet and working cell phones.

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jcg said...

Great pictures. Glad you got a photo with Dave.