July 7, 2012

Foraging begets more Yarn

We love our walks here.  You may have gathered that from previous posts.  This over 100F weather is really putting a damper on that walking.  The damper being every part of your body covered in sweat before you even get down the driveway.  So no walking has happened for a while.  Even when Mr. Gnome escaped with the car the other week the Bug and I took the bus the measly mile to the library for some fun summer time reading events. 
But there was a time before this heat.  Really there was...wasn't there?  On these fabled walks the Bug and I pass under two black walnut trees.  We've been picking up the bigger pieces for a while and here we have about 500g. 
 They got simmered with some sock yarn and viola.  Brown with the lightest hint of green yarn. It was so cool!  Collecting nuts from walks and making pretty yarn. 
Perfect for Mr. Gnome socks. 
Maybe next time I'll have something I made with yarn....wouldn't that be neat.

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