August 22, 2012

Classy Little Thing

 The sweater or the kid?  Both probably.  
 This is Summer Days using the yarn I died with the Quebacho Red Extract Powder.  Quebacho red is from the Quebacho tree; the sawdust usually.  Tree on yarn on bug. 
The pattern indicated that I was going to be 30 yds. short.  Not much but enough for it to probably matter.  It's one of those wonderful children's patterns that tells you the yardage for each size not just the balls.  This is SO nice since quite a few sizes can fit into ball numbers.  So to make up for that shortage I got some simple white wool and added stripes. 
Now adding stripes seems like such a simple thing.  But there is the where and the how much and how often.  Not to mention choosing the color.  There was much thought and knitting group discussing over this dilemma.  I choose half the size in the middle of the bottom and sleeve ribbing.  And nothing on the button band.  I'd thought about binding off in the white but choose not to and I'm glad.  This, I feel, is just enough. 
 The puffy sleeves turned out super puffy.  It has some growing room. 
And then the buttons, because you know how it goes with buttons.  I wanted something classic and simple since the color and the stripes just feel so classy.  Then the other week we went to the Teacher's Recycle Store to get paper stuff.  And low they had a few buttons.  Specifically these cute little things still on their card.  Three the exact number needed for this sweater.

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