August 27, 2012

Quiet Apple Day

 Yesterday we went Apple Picking.  Yesterday as in Still August!  Bloody weather! 
Today I made Apple Butter.  Just one batch this year.  
 Six Pint jars, one didn't seal.
 Looking at last year's post to see how much Butter I'd made I was reminded of the Cider Donuts.  Naturally I had to make them again.  Cider has been hard to come by in the past few years at the Farmer's market so I didn't want to chance not getting anymore this year. 
I also have a batch in the dehydrator.  And we'll be having Mashed Ginger Apple and  Sweet Potatoes for dinner tonight.  Tomorrow I'll make apple sauce and I think dehydrate another batch of apples. 
What was The Bug doing during all of this you ask?  We were listening to a book and she was playing.  It's been a while since we've had a good stay at home day.  Her play always reflects this.  The more time it's been the bigger the world she creates. 

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