October 23, 2012

At Long Last: Cookies

These cookies have been the hardest things to make.  Pumpkin Cookies with Burnt Butter Icing.  So yeay I wanted to make them right away!  But I needed pumpkin.  Should I wait for them to show up at the Farmer's Market.  At the time of this dilemma, two weeks ago, they hadn't shown yet.  And with the drought would there really be pumpkins?  So I got a can at the store and then there they were also at the Farmer's Market.  This is the problem with going to the store before the Farmer's Market. Here in these cookies is the local pumpkin.  Then I had to find the time to roast the squash and make the cookies.  Mr. Gnome gets special cookies for his birthday.  So that took precedent.  Then he brought home half of a giant chocolate cake and well that can't go to waste.  Then it turned out we were out of brown sugar.  Then we were out of confectioner sugar.  Finally last night instead of putting the kid to bed we made cookies. They are quite yummy and probably worth all that trouble.  

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