October 25, 2012

Your Brain on Turnips

Here we are nearing the end of VeganMoFo and I haven't blogged about food at all.  I've pinned a lot of the yummy stuff over there but haven't really tried much; yet.  Last week Wing-It-Vegan did something so wonderful to PPK's Quarter Pounder Beet Burger I just had to have my own go at it.  Mr. Gnome was happy to help picture me massaging the meat; until he found out what I really meant. 
I generally double this recipe; a bunch of beets shreds up right to twice what you need.  One cup of dry rice cooks up nicely to twice what the recipe calls for.  It's just natural.  It freezes OK; gets a bit more crumbly but tastes good. 
 My Bloody man with exploding turnip brains and dragging mushroom intestines.  Turnips sauteed with ginger and mushrooms sauteed until just starting to cook down.  I gave the meat men a bit more head (again Mr. Gnome was...oh good grief I'm going to get in trouble with this post) so I'd have enough to cut off the top.  There some tomatoes under the meat man being his blood pooling under his wrecked body. 
 The Bug's less scary peanut butter man doing something random with tomatoes.

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